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A Guide to Crystals
 Soothes emotions eliminating aggravation, diminishing worry & fear. Dispels negative energy. Aligns the physical body and subconscious. Aids general  health. Provides for a clear spirit.  Increases spirituality and enhances communication regarding love.

Stone of peace, calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits & strengthens commitments. Helps overcome addictions. Increases psychic awareness. Aids in good judgment. Encourages inner peace.
 All around good luck stone & popular gamblers talisman. Increases perception and creativity. Enhances intelligence and speeds the healing process.

Gives courage, guidance & power to adapt & make decisions. Aids in healing blood related disorders. Increases physical strength. Encourages success in business and legal matters.
 Stimulates inherent talents & bolsters courage. Excellent for public speaking as it confers eloquence and confidence. Assists in dramatic pursuits. Protects against envy, fear & doubt. Releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy & rage. Stimulates sexual impulses.
 Wealth stone, improves financial situations. Promotes a happy disposition. Encourages one to look to the sunrise. Brings comfort and optimism. Prevents nightmares. Helps circulation & digestion. Cleanses auras, detoxifies the body. One of three stones that never needs cleansing.

Stabilizes & produces order in the mental, physical & spiritual realms. Helps one to think objectively & impartially, gaining a realistic & accurate perspective. Heightens mental capabilities. Assists in attaining physical perfection.

A powerful stone in drawing illness from the body. All around healing stone. Aids memory enhancement & mental capability. Stimulates technical and original thinking. Helps one to break free of self-imposed limitations.
Brings recognition of ones destiny. Increases  telepathic ability.  Assists in turning intuition to intellectual thought.
Calms & destresses. Soothes anger & other negative emotions. Assists in accomplishing change smoothly. Helps in business pursuits. Strengthens diplomacy & communication skills. Furthers openness & honesty.
Helps lead one to spiritual evolution. Expands the ability to love by stimulating the heart chakra. Helps one to see through & calm the emotions. Traveler's guardian & helps to promote business success. Stimulates intuitive & instinctive reasoning.
 Love drawing stone. Calming stone. Assists in emotional release. Promotes restful sleep. Helps to maintain a youthful appearance. Aids in weight loss.
Obsidian, Snowflake
 Helps one to recognize flaws, promoting a clean picture of changes necessary to eliminate those flaws. Aids in redesigning thought patterns to relieve undesired conditions. Provides blunt answers. Useful in healing by helping to find the cause of & relief for illness.
Quartz, Clear
 Produces harmony of body & mind, allowing one to think more clearly & act effectively. Increases physical & mental energy, perseverance & patience. Re-directs negative energy to a positive state. Allows one to laugh & love more easily.
Quartz, Rose
 Stimulates & attracts love. Promotes peace & happiness by emitting a calm energy. Reinstates self love, gentle love. Brings fidelity & peacefulness to existing relationships. Promotes receptivity to art, music & literature.
Red Jasper Induces health and rebirth. Encourages new ideas and strategies. Provides a cleansing effect by smoothing dysfunctional energies and eliminating negativity. Helps unite the energy fields in the body, directing one toward the fulfillment of goals. Stone of inner strength.
 Emotional healing. Relaxes the mind & body. Ameliorates inner turmoil & destresses. Provides direction & lightness of heart. Promotes the ability to arrive at logical conclusions.
Tiger Eye Promotes energy flow through the body. Lends confidence & strengthens convictions. Protects against all forms of danger. Increases psychic awareness. Stimulates wealth.
Unakite Helps one to deal with past events which have blocked ones growth. Allows for rebirth. Balances the emotional body. Brings ones consciousness to the present allowing one to combine thought & action. Can help with weight gain.