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Magickal Uses of Essential Oils
 Psychic awareness, clairvoyance
 Conscious mind, happiness, peace, attracts money 
 Peace, happiness, restful sleep, soothes stress. 
 Black Pepper
 Mental alertness, physical energy, protection, courage 
 Spirituality, self-control, healing, anti-hex 
 Physical energy, protection, psychic awareness, prosperity, healing 
 Clary Sage Euphoria, calming, dreams 
 +Clove Bud Healing, memory, protection, courage 
 Conscious mind, breaking deadlocks 
 Easing & comforting losses, healing, blessing, consecration 
 *Dragons Blood Protection, purification, love 
 Eucalyptus Health, healing, purification 
 Spirituality, meditation, astral strength 
 Geranium Happiness, protection, power in ritual and magick. 
 Ginger Magickal energy, physical energy, sex, love, money-attracting, courage 
 Grapefruit Purification 
 Purification, conscious mind 
 *Jasmine Love, calming, peace, spirituality, sex, sleep, psychic dreaming 
 Lavender Health, love, peace, relaxing 
 Energizing, health, healing, physical energy, purification 
 Psychic awareness, purification 
 Purification, physical energy, protection 
 Spirituality, healing, meditation, opening, elevating 
 Peace, celibacy, sleep 
 Psychic awareness, psychic dreams, astral projection 
 Prosperity, aphrodisiac 
 Spirituality, meditation, healing 
 Purification, joy, physical energy, magickal energy 
 Sex, money, physical energy 
 Conscious mind, purification 
 Healing, purification, protection, physical energy, money, magickal energy 
 Longevity, memory, love, conscious mind healing, purification 
 Love, peace, sex, beauty 
 Memory, wisdom, money, purification 
 Spirituality, healing, purification, meditation 
 Healing, protection during sleep 
 Well-being, wards off psychic and social vampires, adds power to mixtures 
 Tea tree Harmony 
 Sex, love, physical energy, magickal energy 
 Protection, money, unhexing 
 Protection of animals, good luck, money 
 Aphrodisiac, clairvoyance, spell-breaking, love, anything psychically related 
 Love, peace, sex 

 *Indicates a fragrance oil                  +Indicates skin irritant