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Color Magick PDF

Candles in the Craft are used to help increase or influence a spells power. Chakra (energy centers) associations are also noted for convenience.

Red         - energy, passion, strength, health, love, fertility, courage, willpower, power, vibrancy. Conquers fear, generates power. A color of fast action. (1st Chakra)

Pink         - emotional love, romance, friendship. Partnerships of emotional maturity. Color of femininity, honor, service, fidelity, healing of emotions, peace. Returns a lost lover, brings new love, opens the heart, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit. (4th Chakra)

        - self-love, enhancing relationships. (4th Chakra)

     - attraction, success, joy, business goals, property deals, ambition, career goals, legal matters, motivation, manifestation, self-organization, encouragement, adaptability, wisdom, sudden change, control, power, authority. (2nd Chakra)

       - gentle strength, joy. (2nd Chakra)

      - mental clarity, clairvoyance, activity, accelerated learning, memory, logical imagination, breaking mental blocks, selling yourself, confidence, creativity, halts depression, stimulation, inspiration. Overall mental stimulation. (3rd Chakra)

Lt. Green
 - emotional healing, emotional protection, calming. (4th Chakra)

       - healing, prosperity, fertility, success, abundance, growth, personal goals. Maintains balance, motivates learning, generosity, renewal, marriage, fairy magick. (4th Chakra)

          - psychic energy, communication. (5th and 6th Chakra)

 - awareness, meditation, moon energy, creativity. (5th Chakra)

Lt. Blue
     - peace, calm, emotional balance. A spiritual color, assists in devotional or inspirational meditations. (5th Chakra)

          - dreams, meditation, tranquility, truth, guidance, decision making, fidelity, truth, understanding, inspiration, wisdom, protection. A primary spiritual color. (5th Chakra)

       - color of inertia, stops situations or people, self-awareness, truth, wisdom, furthers education, protection, enhances psychic ability, mediation, neutralizes others magick, eliminates lies or undesirable competition, balances out karma.

       - spirituality, intuition (third eye), power, healing, exorcism, faith, compassion, understanding, developing telepathy, breaking bad luck, secure, ambitions, independence. A color of influence. (6th Chakra)

    - high frequency color used for spiritual healing or for spells of immediate action and high levels of power are needed. (Can also use burgundy or dark red for this)

        -  a balance of all colors, can be used as a substitute for any other color. Purity, ones higher self, healing, truth seeking, protection, blessings, cleansing. (7th Chakra)

          - neutral color useful for pondering complex issues, victory, stability, negates or neutralizes a negative influence. Beware, can spark confusion in magick!

         - protection, removes negativity, repels negativity, bindings (be careful!), releasing fears of unknown origins, eliminates fear, exorcisms, opens deeper levels of the unconscious. (1st Chakra)

       - stability, home issues, security, court, healing, increases financial success, fairy magick, tree magick. A color of balance.

        - lunar energy, Goddess energy. Removes negative and encourages stability. Helps develop psychic abilities. Stimulates self-respect.

          - solar energy, God energy. Fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences. Wealth, increased material success, happiness, playful humor.